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First multiple bedroom apartment hotel in Amsterdam!
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Our Facilities

To ensure you have a great stay, you should take advantage of the service offered by our ID Aparthotel.
Amsterdam ID Aparthotel has a wide selection of facilities for you to make use of and enjoy during your stay. All of the facilities offered can be found on the ground floor of the hotel.
ADAM’S ID is our restaurant & bar that offers breakfast, lunch and dining options. We also have a fitness studio, sauna, laundry facilities and a game room.

Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also join us at the bar for a drink.
Game room
Relax and get together in our comfortable Game room!
Fitness Studio
Still be able to work out when you are away from home!
A great way to relax and unwind.
Vending Machine
We offer snacks and drinks in our vending machine as well as toiletries.
Things to do in Amsterdam
Get your tickets to museums and other fun places in the city!
Secured parking in our gated garage.
Our machines offer several customized programs and no detergent is needed.